Home Watch

Enjoy peace of mind that your home is well looked after

Professional Home Watch Services Keeping Your Home Safe & Sound While You're Away

Having someone check your property on a regular basis is not only often part of your insurance requirements but it can help reduce or eliminate damage caused by circumstances beyond your control.

The frequency of these home watch service visits does vary with each insurance company and each home, so please consult with your insurance provider prior to booking our home watch service.

Basic Interior/Exterior Home Watch Services

  • Complete interior walk through checking all doors and windows are secured with no intrusion
  • Check outbuildings for damage/intrusion
  • Heating, plumbing and appliance checks
  • Interior visual water leak check
  • Run water and flush toilets
  • Turn lighting on and off
  • Opening and closing blinds
  • Check garage and vehicles
  • Full perimeter walk of exterior checking for signs of intrusion or damage
  • Visual inspection of fences, trees, decks
  • Bring in any mail items and packages
  • Documentation summarizing the visit

Additional Services

  • Grass cutting and trimming
  • Water interior/exterior plants
  • Severe weather inspection
  • Move or start vehicles
  • Don’t see a service you need?  Ask us, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request

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  • Visual Home Inspection

    Interior and Exterior walk-through checking for any damage or potential issues

  • Water & Appliance Checks

    Flush water in sinks, tubs and toilets. Verify HVAC, fridges, freezers and sump pumps are working

  • Security Checks

    Room by room inspection ensuring all doors and windows are locked and secure

  • Eco-Friendly Lawn Mowing

    Reliable service done with care and attention to detail without the loud noise and pollution

  • Yard Clean-Ups

    Spruce up the yard in the spring, clear your garden bed of weeds or clean up those messy fall leaves

  • Mulch Installation

    Minimize weed growth, enhance the appearance of your property, and minimize the need for watering