Home Watch Process

Protect your home while you are travelling

How Does it Work?

Reduce the risks with your home or property when you’re away with our home watch services. Whether it’s for a few days, or you’re a cottager/snowbird gone for several months, we will look after your investment as if it’s our own.
  • Consultation

    You can reach us by phone (call or text), email or fill in our online form. Based on our discussions we will provide you with an estimate.

  • Site Visit

    The site visit will help us confirm the service level, time frame and any special needs required. It also gives us a chance to meet in person.

  • Contract

    A service contract will be prepared and sent for your review and signature. A portion of the payment is required at the beginning of the contract and during monthly invoicing intervals.

  • Key Pick-Up

    The keys will be picked up prior to your departure. Keys will be tagged with a number and stored in a lock-box. Safe travels!

  • Inspections

    Inspections will be conducted as defined in the service contract. An inspection report for each visit will be completed and sent to you with a date stamped picture of the home.

  • End of Contract

    Welcome home! Arrangements are made to return your keys.

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  • Visual Home Inspection

    Interior and Exterior walk-through checking for any damage or potential issues

  • Water & Appliance Checks

    Flush water in sinks, tubs and toilets. Verify HVAC, fridges, freezers and sump pumps are working

  • Security Checks

    Room by room inspection ensuring all doors and windows are locked and secure

  • Eco-Friendly Lawn Mowing

    Reliable service done with care and attention to detail without the loud noise and pollution

  • Yard Clean-Ups

    Spruce up the yard in the spring, clear your garden bed of weeds or clean up those messy fall leaves

  • Mulch Installation

    Minimize weed growth, enhance the appearance of your property, and minimize the need for watering